Wordpress theme and plugin development, custom ecommerce solutions, mobile design, and integrations

From basic customizations and integrations to fully automated ecommerce websites. Our team can solve any task or take your project to the next level with ease.

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Core Services

We provide long and short term support for you consisting of all website fixes, upgrades, server configurations, integrations as well as long term maintenance and new product/project development.

Web Design

Mobile and web responsive design, template conversions, custom graphics and layouts, project takeovers, project assistance, upgrades and revamps.

Web Development

Full stack development, wordpress engineers, front-end and back-end solutions, Wordpress theme and plugin development, woo commerce customization and user interface design.


Custom 3rd party integrations, connection to API’s, mail server setup and routing, server configurations, SSL installations, website migrations, website security, beta testing and deployment.

Better technology

Industry leading full stack developers

We build scalable and sustainable solutions that help your business grow as you need it to

Some might say we are code gurus

Our passion for creating art through code is what drives us and the quality of our work is what defines us. We deliver fast solutions tailored specific to your business model that generate results.


Complete customizations

Full Stack

We’re code mixologists


Team of local experts

UI/UX Design

Best and current practices

Seamless Integrations

Automate to increase leads and sales

We will integrate your website with any API or 3rd party applications and customize to fit. Or, a custom application can be designed to fit your business for increasing sales and automation purposes.

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Our team brings over a decade of experience in small to large size web projects and ecommerce product development. We can help you with cost effective and current solutions that are scalable and tailored to your business.

Premium Customer Support

We provide experienced and professional support and will quickly identify and solve issues quickly while communicating without all the tech talk.

Commitment to Excellence

We are an innovative and talented web company that provides a full spectrum of cutting edge technology to make everything run and look better for a great user experience.


Our customers have something to say

They are the best, our customers want to let you know how Pinehurst Web Design is helping them to achieve their goals.


Working with the GrubHub APi team through integrating and deploying there app with our local clients as they bring them online is pretty cool to be a part of. These areas never had delivery service before and now they are online just like that..

Chris H.

We have worked on many projects over the past few years with Pinehurst Web Design and the experience is always great and the outcome is even better getting to see our ideas come to life. Our custom Wordpress plugin for executive events is completely automated and has resulted in a new revenue stream.

Odyssey Search Partners

We rely on each other to make sure our products are running smoothly. CH and the PWD team and I work closely together to make engaging plugins for Wordpress marketplace. I started building plugins with these guys 5 years ago and we haven’t stopped. Thanks for all the beta testing!

Vinny, Envato Elite Author

This project was over a year in the making and we never could have done it without the “The Pinehurst Web Gurus”. We are finally live and doing business. We literally built a product from a concept. These guys are at the top of their game!

WP Reactions Team

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